4:0 | Stadion Oławka, Wrocław | Przegląd Sztuki Survival 10 | 21.06.2012

A four-faced head looking out in four directions symbolises omniscience and perfection.
A head on its own, disconnected from the body becomes incapacitated and objectified, exposed to the viewer with no means of potential defence.
A collective experience of being pitted against one’s own body and its restrictions.
The 4:0 score assumes a line-up with a viewer, defeating both him and  performers’ own fears and discomfort.
Paradoxically, having the power of a glance as the only ‘weapon’, helps to dominate the adversary and gives a sense of power.
P.S. A week after Łuhuu!’s performance ‘4:0’ Spain won the European Football Cup – Euro 2012 beating Italy in Kiev 4:0.