Play with me | Centrum Nauki Kopernik, Warszawa | RE: generacja | 3.03.2011

Manipulation – the act of manipulating; shrewd or devious management, especially for one´s own advantage; controlling or influencing someone or something cleverly and unscrupulously.
Closing ourselves in safe place but, with strings fastened to our wrists and drawn to the outside of the caravan, we are easily disturbed. We wanted to create a kind of interactive game, giving viewers the possibility to steer our movements either on their own or collaborating with other participants.
How does a person behave when they can manipulate others so directly in frames of artistic action, therefore with all the responsibility deferred to those being manipulated?
Where does manipulation end and cooperation begin where does the balance of power lie – with the manipulator or the manipulated?
Is it possible that the manipulators and the manipulated exchange their positions and if so do they have to be aware of it?