Just like home | Strasburg, France | Festivel de Coutures | 26.11.2008

Project made for lowbudget art festival in Strasbourg. Relations between host and guest, us getting familiar with place in french bars and cafes taking for measure money we get from festival organisers for our show, which is in this case eating sweets, drinking coffee and wine. In bars we have a sit with some polish familiar gadgets like traditional teacloth we put on tables at bars and cushions or our private slippers. With festival being low budget and not having any grants, we feel bad with overusing hospitality and are afraid of being misunderstood by our hosts. On one hand we don’t want to cause offence and be badly perceived but on the other we want to be persistent with our project. That makes our personal worries enter public cultural event. Finally at the last bar we go into (festival club) we change roles and as hosts buy drinks for organisers from money they gave us for a project. Being able to ‘host our hosts’ makes us comfortable as guests.