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Shelter | Muzeum Współczesne Wrocław | Akademia Filmu Dokumentalnego Dok.Art | 27.10.2012

As a former role of the museum building was that of a bomb shelter, the sense of safety one can experience here may be rather superficial. ‘Traps’ have been situated in the lift areas, making the sense of safety even more remote and perturbing the… Read more


Visible. Invisible | Studio BWA, Wrocław | Wymazywanie. Ćwiczenia z pamięci | 17.10.2012

Manipulating a familiar space by removing visibility forces the visitor to reach back in their minds and use their memory to try to regain some semblance of order. The mist in the corridor may enable the visitor to pause and detach themselves from the… Read more

miniatura wycieraczki

Doormats | Wrocław | Out of sth | 15.06.2012

We are testing our own boundaries as well as those of the passers by.
We initate an oppresive situation for us – women locked up below street level. We are also exposing people to an uncomfortable view of a woman in an unnatural and constricted setting. She… Read more

miniatura Kulakowski (1)

4:0 | Stadion Oławka, Wrocław | Przegląd Sztuki Survival 10 | 21.06.2012

A four-faced head looking out in four directions symbolises omniscience and perfection.
A head on its own, disconnected from the body becomes incapacitated and objectified, exposed to the viewer with no means of potential defence.
A collective experience of being pitted against one’s… Read more


Being the Chief Judge | BWA Awangarda, Wrocław | 5.11.2010

Performance done for invitation of the Chief Judge group during their retrospective exhibition. We recreated performance Chapter LXXI of the group that took place in the same gallery in 2007 but with our own “ soft” interpretation. This reflects certain tools used by both performance groups. We… Read more


Porachunki project | Kraków | ArtBoom | 11.06.2010

Project was divided into two parts:
1. Interviews with tenants of a slightly neglected district of Cracow – Podgórze concerning district condition and approach of its’ inhabitants.
2. Certain opinions, issues, complaints, claims and praises are printed on the reverse of everyday shops’ receipts in the… Read more


Dear | BWA Wrocław – Galeria Szkła i Ceramiki | Sejf Project | 20.03.2009

Participants: Łuhuu! Group and Krzysztof Skarbek as a guest.

Place: Cash box in the cellar of BWA Glass & Ceramics Gallery

Task:  Confidential but executed.


Just like home | Strasburg, France | Festivel de Coutures | 26.11.2008

Project made for lowbudget art festival in Strasbourg. Relations between host and guest, us getting familiar with place in french bars and cafes taking for measure money we get from festival organisers for our show, which is in this case eating sweets, drinking coffee and… Read more


Blind Man’s Bluff | Piotrków Trybunalski | Festiwal Interakcje | 12.05.2009

There are three blindfolded women wearing sleeping dresses/underskirts. They start a performance as if it was a popular game among children – Blind Man’s Bluff, but blind women are not searching for the ‘seeing rest’ but for themselves after they get lost in the very… Read more


A carpet | Rynek Wrocław | Wrocław Non Stop | 5,6.07.2008

Four women dressed in one dress patterned as a carpet. The dress creates a common space, both private, intimate and public, encouraging to have a sit between the women and use this space to have a rest or to feel more like at home in… Read more


Giant Women | Dzielnica Czterech Świątyń, Wrocław | Przegląd Młodej Sztuki Survival 6 | 29.06.2008

Two ideas facing each other, old/traditional with new/modern and our efforts to find ourselves in both of them and constrain their limits. Ideas are reflected by building divided into architectonically 2 identical parts, one of which is completely devastated and other freshy renovated.


Action! | Teatr Współczesny, Wrocław | 29. Przegląd Piosenki Aktorskiej – Nurt OFF | 4.04.2008

Project taking place in Modern Theatre of Wrocław done of a cooperation wih Piotr Saul – dancer and beat boxer. Talks about nostalgia for beauty, craves for subtle seduction. A bit of melancholy and a fairy tale.


Masks | Studio BWA, Wrocław | 18.05.2007

Giving the audience broad smiles we produce dopamine known as ‘happiness hormone’ persistently until we feel pain.


Object I, II, III, IV | Wrocław | Przegląd Młodej Sztuki Survival 5 | 25,26.05.2007

Putting an object into a show case we increase its’ worth by making in an object of art. The audience is given a possibility to have their own set of art objects (or girls set). Therefore the audience is co-author of a… Read more


Bil-Babel | Bilbao, Hiszpania | 18.01.2007

A group of foreigners from different countries and cultures were asked to build with soil a symbol of Bilbao, the city they are currently living in. Is it possible to achieve something whilst talking only in their own languages, and by using voice tones, gestures, non-verbal communication to indicate their intentions… Read more


Sopelana, Hiszpania | 15.10.2007
CSW Łaźnia, Gdańsk | Inkubator | 30.08.2008

Table, family being undergone to challenges, indissolvably related to rituals & relations. Moving a table inwards the ocean & having less & less control over it, we are consciously taking a risk (or a challege?). A need of strong impressions or obsession of rescuing… Read more


Swinging | Dworzec Główny PKP we Wrocławiu | Przegląd Młodej Sztuki Survival 4 | 12.05.2006

Moving from one place to another only to return to the starting point. An activity which seems to be sensless in the context of a place, a railway station, so purposeful and destination orientated. It changes perspective, distancing one from time and… Read more


Performance in the coal-mine (T. Karpowicz) | Kopalnia Węgla Brunatnego w Bełchatowie | Festiwal Grand Kanion Sztuki. Kraj-obraz Kopalni | 22.04.2006

The soil is packed, “dressed” in bed linen; joint and breathing with us.

miniatura - baw sie ze mna

Play with me | Centrum Nauki Kopernik, Warszawa | RE: generacja | 3.03.2011

Manipulation – the act of manipulating; shrewd or devious management, especially for one´s own advantage; controlling or influencing someone or something cleverly and unscrupulously.
Closing ourselves in safe place but, with strings fastened to our wrists and drawn to the outside of the… Read more