Blind Man’s Bluff | Piotrków Trybunalski | Festiwal Interakcje | 12.05.2009

There are three blindfolded women wearing sleeping dresses/underskirts. They start a performance as if it was a popular game among children – Blind Man’s Bluff, but blind women are not searching for the ‘seeing rest’ but for themselves after they get lost in the very beginning.
This searching process takes place in a foreign, unfamiliar surroudings and makes women overstep the nearest and most safe space around them, as they want to find each other. Blind person moves with resistance, afraid of being potencially hurt.
It is also a challenge for an audience to participate and help or stop from reunion of the blind. In both cases they need to get into physical contact with vulnerable women, which may be awkward for both touching and touched. Therefore it’s all about ‘how far can I go and cross the border but remain safe within it’.
We found each other after 45 minutes.